PTA Direct Drive

Our school has undergoing big changes this year.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for support of Aspen Creek PK-8 PTA. When you make a direct donation to Aspen Creek PK-8 PTA this year, your money will pay for things like:

  • Programs/activities like Read-a-Thon and STEM Week which benefit all students/families

  • $100 for each teacher to use towards classroom materials and supplies;

  • Substitute teachers so our staff can attend professional development training/classes, and money for the classes themselves; and

  • The PTA Education Enrichment Grant Program, which has funded more than $100,000 in direct requests from our teachers since it started five years ago.

These are programs that CAN’T continue without your direct support.

Our community has always been so generous. Over the past five years, we’ve been able to put more than $200,000 directly into our classrooms thanks to your direct support. Last year, for the first time, your generous contributions allowed us to fund every grant request from our amazing staff. These included things like Chromebooks, musical instruments, reading materials, and movement tools for active students.