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We welcome you to become involved in whatever capacity you can--Read with your children during

Read-A-Thon, volunteer from home or at school, or participate on the PTA board. We're here to help facilitate your passion to make a difference.


Together, we will work collaboratively with our school administrators and teachers to provide engaging, educational school and community events, provide and receive feedback on how parents and our community can support the school, and present new ideas to make the most positive impact on our students' educations.  In addition, we will collaborate with our community to continue to raise funds to support our students with educational events.


Opportunities Await


Everyday Opportunities - Click on an Opportunity to Learn More:












Desert Mountains

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.


Do I have to volunteer?

No! We stand for community and collaboration between our students, teachers, and school administrators. Joining the PTA does not require you to volunteer, even if you only want to come hear the Principal's Message at our monthly meeting (Note: All meetings are open to everyone in our school community--PTA members or not.)

What if I want to volunteer?

We are always in need of volunteers! We have opportunities ranging from "behind the scenes" to serving on committees and sitting on the PTA board.  Start where you're comfortable and grow with us! IMPORTANT NOTE: All volunteers working in the school will need to complete the annual volunteer form found here: